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Hey, I’m



Actor / Performer / Model / Trader

About Me

I'm Gold Medalist Boxer and well trained Actor who won two times best actress Awards for stage performance as lead Naadia. My personality and my persona combine to form me. I consider my personality Adaptive and Affable. A person Full of compassion, zeal, patience and confidence. My persona is dynamic, strong, determined and proactive and that makes me so versatile and to function with others so well. I believe on Hard work and if have abilities then no one can stop you to achieve what you dream

I believe in Karma. If the good is sown, the good is collected.

Excellent communication skills in Marathi, Hindi, English and Truth.
Effective Dialogue revealing qualities . Expressive face and Eyes with good acting skills.

Jovial nature.

Waiting for Right opportunity to prove my self !




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